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Wenzhou Runxin Manufacturing Machine Co., Ltd was founded in 2000, located in Shanfu Town, Wenzhou, China. With enterprise sprit of surpass myself, dedicated to society, through self-development, brand created by quality, cooperation for development, Runxin established Provincial High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center and Zhejiang Provincial Runxin Research Institute of Water Supplying Treatment Systems, participated in drafting national and industry standards, developed into an international and professional manufacturer of control valve for water treatment systems, residential (commercial) application products and ceramic hard sealing ball valve. Runxin was also titled with National High-tech Enterprise, National Specialized, Fined, Peculiar and Innovative “Little Giant” Enterprise, Zhejiang Hidden Champion Enterprise, Zhejiang Patent Model Enterprise, Wenzhou First Batch of “The Most Beautiful Factories”, Wenzhou Leading Enterprise and Wenzhou High Integrity Enterprise, has more than 60 invention patents and utility model patents, and has passed CE and RoHS certifications.

Runxin is mainly engaged in multi-functional flow control valve for water treatment systems ("Runxin valve"), Runlucky residential products, ceramic hard sealing ball valve and control valve for solar water heater. Runxin has three brands of "Runxin", "Runlucky" and “Runjing”, registers brands in more than 90 countries, including USA and EU countries. "Runxin valve", which has independent innovation and intellectual property rights, has been authorized by 17 countries such as USA and EU countries. Since August 2010 till now, it has passed the NSF certification. Runxin valve gained Zhejiang Famous Brand Product and Zhejiang Province Excellent Industrial Products. It has been exported to 154 countries and regions around the world.

Relying on the core technology of "Runxin valve", Runlucky residential products are developed, covering whole line of whole house water purification. With the features of high quality, various functions and series, competitive price, Runlucky products have been exported to 54 countries and regions. Runlucky stores are located in major cities across the country, allowing the former “noble products” to enter ordinary families.

“Runjing” ceramic hard sealing ball valve is an extended product of “Runxin valve” with core technology which is adopting hermetic head faces technology. The valve core and valve seat adopts Corundum Ceramic or Silicon Carbide, ceramic is fretted at 1680℃ or 2100℃, so that it is suitable for hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide and other kinds of acid, alkali and special media. It has completely changed the shortcomings of traditional metal core ball valve, such as easy leakage, large torque and non-corrosion resistance of sealing surface. It has become the choice of users from various industries, such as desalination, papermaking, printing and dyeing, electroplating, smelting, energy, chemical, medical treatment, liquid intelligent controlling, card water meter, sewage water treatment, etc. “Runjing” ceramic core ball valve has been exported to 34 countries and regions.

With the values of "humbleness, gratefulness, honesty, wisdom and diligence", Runxin takes the enterprise mission of let people could use healthy and safe water more conveniently and economically. Runxin will insist on technological innovation, and is willing to cooperate with more friends to achieve a win-win situation and share a better life together.