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【News】Runxin Held Technical Training for Runxin Polish Agent-AMII Company

In the afternoon of April.14th, Runxin company held online technical training for Runxin Polish Agent –AMII company, more than total 10 sales and technical personnel attended.

The meeting introduced some company development progress, including the development of new products, production automation, intelligent improvement and the construction progress of Runlucky new factory. And it also introduced 8m³/h automatic softener valve F133A, automatic filter valve F134B, 10m³/h automatic control valve N74Q/N75Q, special control valve F136 for water softener, Q series and S series central water softener, complete machine combined with filtration and softening, manual water purifier RL-W20, new appearance shower softener RL-R50, pressure reducing valve F128 and silicon carbide ball valve and many other new products. And it also introduced the features, advantages and applications of ceramic hard sealing ball valve, and also the book "The Application of Runxin Valve" which have been translated into English and Spanish.

AMII expressed their gratitude for organizing technical training which helped them a lot. And they indicated that they’ll organize to learn "The Application of Runxin Valve" in order to further understand the products and system design of Runxin.