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63550_F96A1 63650_F96A3

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Time clock type / meter type

Mount type

Side mount





Brine line connector

3/4" M

Mounting base

Side mountTop and bottom distributor basket DN100

Riser pipe

Side mountTop and bottom distributor basket DN100

Flow rate


Filter tank


Water pressure


Water temperature


Water turbidity


Relative humidity


Power adapter

Input AC100~240V/50~60HZ Output DC24V/4A

Product description

F96 Automatic Multiport Softener Valves

Featuring a flow rate of 50m³/h, the F96A1/A3 comes with 4 ports in a T-configuration in the valve body. The unfiltered water is brought in from pump port, which is sent to different passages for treatment. The different flow passages are easily controlled through pushing or pulling the hydraulically balanced pistons in the valve, realizing different functions such as backwash, brine and slow rinse, fast rinse and brine refill. The F96A1 is a timer clock type while the F96A3 is a meter type.

Product Characteristics

  • Simple structure and reliable sealing

    The distribution valve adopts hermetic head faces with high degree pottery and corrosion resistance for opening and closing. It combines with Service, Backwash, Brine Draw, Slow Rinse, Fast Rinse and Brine Refill.

  • No water passes the valve in regeneration in single tank type.

  • Brine refill is controlled by electric ball valve.

    Brine refill is controlled by electric ball valve, refilled when in service, shorten the regeneration time.

    Brine refill while in service status, so for fixed bed, the water for brine refill is hard water.

  • Fixed bed softener could be converted to filter valve.

    Block the brine line connector of 63550/63650, remove the drain connector, the valve could be converted to filter system.

  • Manual function

    Realize regeneration immediately by pressing “Manual/Return” at any time.

  • Long outage indicator

    If outage overrides 3 days, the time of day indicator “12:12”will flash to remind people to reset new time of day. The other set parameters do not need to reset. The process will continue to work after power on.

  • LED dynamic screen display

    The stripe on dynamic screen flash, it indicates the control valve is in service, otherwise, it is in regeneration cycle.

  • Buttons lock

    No operations to buttons on the controller within 1 minute, button lock indicator lights on which represents buttons are locked. Before operation press and hold the “Up” and “Down” buttons for 5 seconds to unlock. This function can avoid incorrect operation.

  • It can choose time clock type or meter type by program selection

    When all symbols light on, press and hold “Down” and “Manual/Return” buttons more than 2 seconds to enter the menu of valve model selection. Press “Up” or “Down” buttons to select the requested model, then press “Menu/Confirm” button to save the selection. Reconnect the power, the model will be showed on screen.

  • Interlock function

It has a function of interlock to realize only one valve in regeneration but the other valves are in service while several valves parallel in system. In multi-steps treatment systems such as RO pre-treatment, when several valves are in series, there is only one valve in regeneration or washing to ensure pass water all the times while different valves in regeneration or washing.