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Plastic Three-Way Electric Ball Valves jointed by thread

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Plastic Electric Ball Valves

The valve body uses PPO material with an IP65 protective grade, allowing it to work great in humid environments. The valve core uses ceramics that are wear resistant and feature a service life of more than 100,000 uses. These plastic electric ball valves are suitable for controlling an array of media, including water, air, oil, acid and alkali corrosive mediums, and low viscosity fluids in the chemical industry.

Product description

Performance Parameters

Operating pressure: 0-1.6MPa
Operating temperature: 0-60℃
Material for valve stem: 316L(Harley alloy steel B or C is available upon request.)
Seals material: EPDM or Fluororubber(optional)
Protection class: IP65

Plastic Three-Way Electric Ball Valves jointed by thread

Plastic Three-Way Electric Ball Valves jointed by thread

Nominal diameterWiring typeModelOpen/close timeInput voltageMotor powerActual power
DN25/ DN32/ DN40/ DN502 wires●positive and negative connectionQ914013-25(32/40/50)7.5sDN25/32/40: DC12V/24V DN50: DC24VDN25 /32:6W DN40: 10W DN50: 16WDN25 /32: 2W DN40: 5W DN50: 6W
3 wires●commonQ914013C-25(32/40/50)7.5sDN25/32/40:DC12V/24V DN50: DC24V
5 wires●position feedbackQ914031D-25(32/40/50)7.5sDC24V
6 wires●position feedbackQ914015E-25(32/40/50)7.5sAC220VDN25 /32:11W DN40: 11W DN50: 14WDN25 /32:1W DN40: 3W DN50: 3.5W