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Top strainer connector


Left and right chamber connector


Water treatment capacity


Tank diameter range



remove dissolved oxygen

Water pressure


Water temperature


Water turbidity


Environment temperature


Inlet water quality

Oxygen consumption<015mg/L; hardness<0.03mmol/L

Power adapter

Input AC100-240V/50-60hZ

Output DC12V,1.5A

Product description

Product Characteristics

  • Simple structure and reliable sealing

    It adopts hermetic head faces with high degree pottery and corrosion resistance for opening and closing. It combines with Service, Left Chamber Backwash, Right Chamber Backwash and Fast Rinse.

  • Manual function

    Realize regeneration immediately by pushing manual button “Manual/Return” at any time.

  • Long outage indicator

    If outage overrides 3days, the time of day indicator “12:12” will flash to remind people to reset new time of day. The other set parameters do not need to reset. The process will continue to work after power on.

  • LED dynamic screen display

    The stripe on dynamic screen flash, it indicates the control valve is in service, otherwise, it is in regeneration cycle.

  • Buttons lock

    No operations to buttons on the controller within 1 minute, button lock indicator light on which represent buttons are locked. Before operation press and hold the “Up”and “Down” buttons for 5 seconds to unlock. This function can avoid incorrect operation.

  • Interlock function

    It has a function of interlock to realize only one valve in regeneration but the other valves are in service while several valves parallel in system. In multi-steps treatment systems such as RO pre-treatment, when several valves are in series, there is only one valve in regeneration or washing to ensure pass water all the times while different valves in regeneration or washing.(Application refer to Figure 3)

  • Service mode option

    There are three kinds of regeneration modes optional, by days, by hours or by time of day. The time of day can be set two or three or four times of day to initate backwash.

  • Signal output

    There is a signal output connector on main control board. It is for controlling external wiring( Refer to Figure1 and Figure 2).

    There are two kinds of output modes: b-01 Mode: Turn on start of regeneration and shut off end of regeneration; b-02 Mode: In service and fast rinse status, booster pump relay has signal to open, but backwash pump reply doesn’t have, so it is in closed status; In left chamber backwash and right chamber backwash status, booster pump reply doesn’t have signal, so it is in closed status, but backwash pump reply has signal to open.

  • Remote handling input

    This connector can receive external signal, used together with PLC, and computer etc. to control the valve.(Application refer to Figure 6)

  • Backwash water option

    Deoxidized water or raw water for backwash could be switched in program. (The wiring is refer to Figure 4 and 5)

    Backwash pump reply working modes: In service and fast rinse status, it has no signal, so it is in closed status; In left chamber backwash and right chamber backwash status, it has signal to open.

    In service and fast rinse status, electronic ball valve A open, B close; In left chamber backwash and right chamber backwash status, A close, B open.